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The UPM Master in Computational Biology (MBC) Practices Program aims at establishing a new collaboration framework between Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and the Enterprises/Research institutions in the field of Computational Biology, with the final goal of facilitating the incorporation to the professional world of the master´s students. For that, a set of strategic actions have been undertaken:


Advisory Board

The MBC Practices Program has an advisory board formed by professionals with a large experience in Computational Biology. The board members cover expertise in a continuum between pure Biology to pure Computational Sciences in order to provide a full view of the potential needs of the master´s students.



External Practices and Master Thesis

The MCB aims at providing a complete formation to our students, for which a Practice Program is pivotal. The MBC Practices Program has been designed as a tool to complete the professional formation of the master´s students, and to provide enterprises/research institutions with the opportunity to attract talent.



Mentoring Program

For the MBC coordination, it is central that the students have a personalized guidance in order to develop their professional career in any aspect related to Computational Biology. For that, the MBC has started a Mentoring program in which a wide array of professionals with an internationally recognized trajectory in different fields related to Computational Biology will provide advise for our students.



Meetings and visits

The MBC students needs to understand the needs and working schemes of enterprises within the Computational Biology field. To achieve this goal, the MBC participates in exchanging programs, conferences and meetings with enterprises of the field.

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